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What Clients Are Saying

Now that I have worked all the way through the program, I am so pleased with the results.  I sleep through the night.  I am able to eat without any bloating and abdominal pain.  I have a whole new list of foods that I can eat without any digestive repercussions!  My metabolism began to work again and I have been able to consistently drop weight while never feeling hungry. My bi-weekly migraines are a thing of the past.  I no longer take a nap on my lunch break.  One of the most unexpected results of this program was that the outside third of my eyebrows grew back in after at least a dozen years of them being gone!  I was shocked! Also, my hair, which has long been quite dry and brittle is regaining its shine and integrity too!  I can’t recommend this program enough!

12-Week Client who lost her goal of 15 lbs on the Metabolic Reset Method

Sara's program was my birthday present to myself this year. I just finished 12 weeks with her, working on food sensitivities, gut health, and weight loss. I have lost over 16 pounds and my clothes are fitting so much better. Shopping and getting dressed is fun again. But more than that, I have gone from feeling sick a LOT, to virtually never feeling sick and my energy levels and motivation are way up. Sara stuck with me through all the ups and downs, gently encouraging, and I trust in her expertise. I have a long ways to go yet. I haven't done this program perfectly--at all! I have a lot of room for improvement, but now I have the tools. I can't recommend her enough.

12 Week Metabolic Reset Method Client

Before Sara’s program, I felt very sluggish and run down. I was hungry all the time and was really hard on myself. I was also dealing with itching. It’s hard to explain. There wasn’t a rash or anything so doctors were saying it was due to change in soaps, lotions or detergents but nothing had changed at my house.
Sara provided me with so much information and she had a good idea of what was going on with me. She showed me what I needed to do and was helpful along the way. I feel great and I am down 15 lbs. I hardly ever have cravings anymore and the itching has stopped!
I would absolutely recommend Sara to others. She is down to earth, REAL, and has the best heart. Phone calls with her always made my week and would put me in the right mind frame to have success! She doesn’t just mask the issues that are going on in your body. She gets to the root of the problem and makes you feel incredible. AND..She loves pizza and beer!! You can’t go wrong with a coach like that!

12 Week Metabolic Reset Method Client who had great results from improving her gut health!

I am down 30 lb because of Sara's guidance. For years. I bounced between diets, fads, and exercise with little to no results. It was discouraging and I didn't know what health advice to follow because there is so much out there. This is where Sara comes in. I took a chance on her virtual class and trusted her expertise about foods to eat to fuel my body properly, portion sizes, and keeping blood sugar steady. Finally results! Now I know exactly what I need to do to keep myself and my family moving toward health. It's no longer abstract. I love that I can get everything I need from the local grocery store and that most the time are family is eating real food. That is good for our bodies. I wish everyone could enroll in Sara's virtual class. It is effective and realistic. Thank you, Sara!

Virtual Class Client

Thanks so much Sara for everything! You have helped me so much in so many ways, and I have never had results like this ever before! Your program is the real deal!

Metabolic Reset Method Client who lost 20 lbs in 12 weeks by improving her gut health

I have dropped 14 lbs and my husband has dropped 20.  I have cut my insulin dosage in half and hope to get completely off of it! 
The best part was my hemoglobin A1c dropped 3 points in 4 months time!  
Our provider was very encouraged by the results that my husband and I have had!  We even reduced our number of prescription medications!!!
Thank you for all you did to get us on the right track!

-Health Coaching Clients using the “Get Healthier Together” Couples Program

Sara has been a blessing for us! My husband and I have been on a roller coaster of trying to get healthy and lose weight. We thought we knew what we were doing eating "healthy" foods, turns out there is so much to know that we didn't know. Sara is easy to work with and my husband says "she doesn't lecture me when I have a setback." We have lost weight and have new energy levels and overall better health for both of us.

-Husband and wife doing amazing with the Couples Program-
Down 27 lbs total in only 2 months!

I didn’t realize until after starting the program, how bad I had felt for years. I was diagnosed with a severe case of Hashimotos and insulin resistance. I had no energy, was considered obese and had constant joint and muscle pain.
After joining Sara’s program I learned so much. I couldn’t help but watch all the videos as soon as I could and over and over. I felt like I knew most everything there was to know about nutrition and Hashimotos but I only knew the bare minimum before my sessions with Sara.
Her kind and soft approach was exactly what I needed along with her positivity and encouragement. I was able to lose weight, improve mobility and gained so much energy from the health changes she helped me make.
I 110% recommend Sara to anyone needing guidance in their health journey!”

Metabolic Reset Method Client who lost over 20 lbs in 12 weeks while improving her gut health

I've lost 20+ lbs and I have way more energy.  I'm less frustrated with my kids and I just feel better!

-Health Coaching Client

Sara,  I absolutely loved the classes.  You have changed the way I look at food.  This is a total lifestyle change.  I was searching for what my body needs to have to be healthy.  Throughout this class I have learned what I need to do as a whole to figure out what will work for me.   I really don't look at this as a diet. I think it's just what I need to do to feel good and eat right.  (win win)!!!!

Virtual Class Client who lost 14 lbs in 6 weeks!

I highly recommend Sara Paxton
regarding any questions about your health !! Sara genuinely wants to help get you back on track and feeling the best you can! I had sought out several medical opinions before being referred to Sara with no luck and felt like I was getting nowhere. She listened, helped make a plan to fit my lifestyle, and was awesome support with my health journey !!

- Health Coaching Client

Sara is so encouraging and gives hope and empowerment.  She is constantly researching and learning information for my specific case.  I am so grateful for her guidance and knowledge.

- Cancer Coaching Client

I highly recommend Sara's services to anyone needing help with their health journey. Sara is a highly educated professional and her knowledge of the human body and its function is remarkable. Sara continuously goes above and beyond for her patients, and is one of the most caring and compassionate persons you will ever meet. She is definitely one of the best!

- Thermography Client

I want to thank Sara for her guidance and help in my recent encounter with health issues and cancer. She is definitely a professional in her field and I consider her a dear friend too. She is honest, compassionate and very very knowledgeable. She really really cares and answered all my worries and questions. I highly recommend Sara and I appreciate her following up with me and keeping in touch. What a genuine health care professional with so much wisdom and Love for her patients and family. God Bless her for her passion in what she does. Thank you Sara, you are a God-send!

- Cancer Coaching Client

I highly recommend Sara Paxton regarding any questions about your health!!  Sara genuinely wants to help get you back on track and feeling the best you can!  I had sought out several medical opinions before being referred to Sara with no luck and felt like I was getting nowhere.  She listened, helped make a plan to fit my lifestyle, and was awesome support with my health journey!

Health Coaching Client

Sara is easy to talk to and really listened to me explain how I had been feeling. She helped me make a detailed plan of the daily changes I needed to make to my diet. It has really helped my gut feel better and help get my energy back the natural way.

Health Coaching Client

I was excited when I met Sara through the pharmacy, and she listened to my concerns of dealing with Diabetes. She guided me toward nutrition choices to stop the up and down of my blood sugar readings. I enjoyed our talks, and her knowledge. I got my blood sugars under control, felt 90% healthier and have continued to use this knowledge to maintain and have lost weight too. I now reside in an Assisted Living facility and am so glad I had Sara to teach and guide me to better health. Sara is a trained, professional, and extremely knowledgeable health care provider. Thank you Sara, you have made my life fuller.

3 Month Program Client

 The course helped me really think about the foods I eat and using food as fuel.  It taught me to read labels to make better choices. My biggest win was learning to deal with stress without turning to chocolate and Mtn Dew to cope with it.  Another big win was fitting into jeans I hadn’t put on in 4 months!

Virtual Class Client who lost 11 lbs in 6 weeks and is still going strong!

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