Fuel Your Body

These are a few of my favorite things!

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Juice Plus Trio

Concentrated Fruit, Veggie, and Berry Powders

I love this whole food nutrition.  It was created by a doctor for his father with terminal cancer in an attempt to get more fruits and vegetables in his body.  Juice Plus is amazing nutrition for the whole family.  The company is generous enough to give Juice Plus for free to children over the age of 4 with the purchase of an adult order. 
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The safest source for practitioner grade supplements

Today it can be hard to guarantee the quality of the vitamins, minerals, and other supplements you want to purchase.  Fullscript carries only the most reputable products on their site and is one that I completely trust.

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Bone Broth Collagen

Ancient Nutrition - Dr. Axe

This high-quality bone broth collagen is an excellent source of protein that provides many additional nutrients for optimal health.  It has been shown to benefit joints, skin, hair, nails, gut health, and immune system health. 
Enjoy daily in your coffee or smoothie!

Thrive Market

Order natural and organic foods online

Having organic healthy foods sent directly to your doorstep has never been easier!  You can save 25% on your first order by clicking the coupon link below!



Order natural and organic foods online

This online health food store requires no membership and has great deals all year long!  I shop here frequently- click the link below to start your own free account and have health food delivered right to you door!

Capital City Fruit

Online produce

This online company offers produce (organic choices as well) delivered right to your door! The quality is exceptional.  Posted below is a link for a coupon code to get 20% off!

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7 Minute Workout

Workout App

This app is wonderful to get your body moving.  You can customize your workouts to get just what you want out of them!  I recommend this to all clients who want to start somewhere!

 Plan to Eat

Meal Planning App

This app only costs $4.95 per month (or $39 per year) but saves you well more than that per week.  It allows you to upload recipes and then it generates a grocery list. Enjoy your first 30 days free!  Click the link below!